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Simple. Secure. Institutional DeFi.

Opdefi is a technology layer built on top of digital asset custodians to facilitate the seamless movement of assets between custodial wallets and smart contracts.

Speed & Security

Automated Workflows

Reporting & Compliance

The future of institutional DeFi is here.

Opdefi integrates directly with your digital asset custodian's API to provide a streamlined process for moving tokens between your custodial wallet and DeFi protocols.


Traders are now able to bundle multi-leg trades into a single approval and set up trigger-based strategies, saving time and improving capital efficiency.

Compliance and security teams can enjoy peace of mind knowing that smart contract threat monitoring, transaction simulation, and AML checks can all be enabled with a single click.


Leverage Opdefi's world-class technology to increase your trading team's productivity and unlock new, automated strategies.


Safe, Seamless Interaction

Keep your funds safely in your custodial wallet while interacting with DeFi. Easily enable transaction simulations and smart contract threat detection via our dashboard or API.

Trigger-Based Strategies

Set up algorithmic trading triggers to maintain your health factor, or withdraw funds when a threat is detected.

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Exit All Positions

Have peace of mind knowing you can exit all of your open DeFi positions with a single approval.


Compliance Buy-In

Easily enable AML checks prior to interacting with a pool, and leverage our granular cross-custodial policy engine to reduce risks.


Improved Capital Efficiency

Atomic execution, trigger-based strategies and automatic margin monitoring allow users to maximize capital efficiency.

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Easy, Secure Bridging

Bridge your assets across chains safely and securely without them leaving your custody.



Our Partners

We partner with the best in the industry, embedding a suite of security and compliance tools directly into our dashboard and API.

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Interested in trying it out? Opdefi is currently in closed beta-testing! Reach out to us at to be added to our waitlist.

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