Simple & Secure Institutional DeFi Access

Your DeFi workflow looks like this: open dApp, submit transaction, browser approval, back to custodian, custodian approval, repeat, repeat, repeat — this should be easier. Now it is.

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01. Secure and Compliant

We work directly with our custodial partners to make sure we comply with even the most stringent requirements, ensuring safety and security with every transaction.

02. Easy Integration

Don’t give your product team any more headaches. Easily integrate with our API offering with just a few lines of code.

03. Expand Your Product Offering

Offer your clients best-in-class DeFi trading tools and services without having to divert resources or compromise on quality.


The Bridge Between Custodians and Funds

Opdefi serves as the bridge between custodians and funds. We integrate with custodians to allow their client funds to easily access DeFi in a safe and secure way. Our intermediary access layer combines the world-class security of a custodian with the ease of a modern trading interface and API built specifically for institutions accessing DeFi. This interface allows you to bundle and authorize complex, multi-leg transactions with a single approval and save your frequently used transactions to minimize repetitive trading tasks.  



01. Automated Workflow

Easily bundle complex, multi-leg transactions into a single authorization and automate any recurrent trading workflows.

02. Aggregate UI

Stop switching between Dapps to complete your trades. Execute all of your transactions across different protocols and chains from a single, intuitive interface.

03. API Connectivity

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Execute trade programmatically through our seamless API.  Remove the friction involved with adding new protocols and chains by letting us manage the integrations for you.


Custom solutions available for early access partners 

Can Opdefi automate my trading workflow? 

We provide easy API access to execute and authorize transactions programmatically. Set automated trading cues right from the opdefi UI, no coding required.

Can I execute all of my trades from Opdefi’s page?

Opdefi provides an easy-to-use trading interface so you can execute from a single site, streamlining your trading workflow and preventing you from having to interact with each Dapp directly.

Does Opdefi need access to my private keys?

Opdefi never has access to your private keys. Your custodian maintains custody of your assets at all times and doesn't give out sensitive information at any point.


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